A career with a future

In a world of high-turnover employment, Principle One takes a reassuringly long-term view of your career. We are not just interested in the skills you have today, but the skills and experience you wish to achieve in the future. We encourage constant learning, through technical and personal development courses, and by offering increasingly challenging roles.

A job that grows with you

Instead of keeping you in one place, Principle One rotates technical personnel between a variety of clients and special projects.  This gives you the opportunity to grow your skills across a broader base and to experience new and stimulating environments.

Team-mates instead of work colleagues

Principle One is a dynamic, team-oriented company providing a truly cooperative and supportive environment. All personnel interact closely within teams and across different departments, giving them a deeper understanding of client’s needs from every perspective.


We’ve developed a wide range of benefits to help support team members’ careers at Principle One over the long term, and to accommodate life changes and events. Here is a selection of what you can expect:

Medical Insurance

Our premium medical insurance offers a comprehensive range of programmes including clinical, surgical & dental assistance.

Health Check

We offer a free and comprehensive medical check-up programme.

Examination Leave

To support you in developing your professional skills through further education we offer additional days off for taking professional examinations.

Paid Maternity Leave

We offer al least of 12 weeks Paid Maternity Leave at 80% of salary, in all locations and options for additional unpaid leave.

Employee Assistance Programme

You and your family have access to a confidential helpline to assist with personal and work-related problems that may affect the caller’s health and emotional well-being.


We offer a generous 18 days of vacation, which increases when you achieve 5 and 10 years of service.

Marriage Leave

You can enjoy three extra days leave to get married or enter into a civil union with your partner. Includes same-sex unions.

Parental Leave

Time off for you to manage a new child joining your family either by birth or adoption. Available irrespective of gender to employees who are not taking maternity leave.

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